We at Sennheiser are extremely pleased with the entire service that Wahlgreen IT has provided. Both the IT part but so also the customer service part – we also felt safe during the whole collaboration. When we got our own internal IT department there was a fantastic handover as a floating process. Sennheiser gives Wahlgreen IT a positive recommendation.

Jørgen Wengel

Wahlgreen IT always provides competent advice and all employees are very service minded and helpful.

We find that Wahlgreen IT’s employees provide a personal and fast service beyond what can be expected. For example, it may be helpful to help us outside of normal working hours, set up new PC’s in a very short time and bring them past our office. Wahgreen also manages our IT security and ensures in a good and competent way that we can take care of our work without having to worry about security, updates and operation.

I would at all times recommend Wahlgreen IT to others.

Stine Monrad Wæsel

We have used Wahlgreen IT since 2013 and are very pleased with the collaboration. Niels Wahlgreen has a strong understanding of the systems we use as a high school and the IT culture that prevails among teachers and pupils, and is included as part of the IT staff at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium on an ad hoc basis.

The collaboration is characterized by competent, fast and good service, with an understanding of our special needs as a high school, and always solves challenges in such areas as administrative IT (Navision, secure mail, e-box, ESDH), network (firewall, WIFI) , cloud computing (Office 365 / OneNote), server operation (virtualization / Active Directory, web print), user data synchronization (UMS), client support (Windows 10).

Anders Stæhr

We have been delighted with Wahlgreen IT, which has been helping us since 2011. Wahlgreen has been part of our journey from a very small need with few consultants to handle the daily operations of IT for about 40 employees, build and maintain systems, including internet stability and print / presentation, as well as Office365, shared drives, and IT security.

We experience a high level of service where problems are resolved quickly, no matter when we call. New employees always feel that practicality is in control; there is always a workstation and computer ready for them.

Jeanette Stahl

Wahlgreen IT provides good day-to-day consultancy services to Christianshavns Gymnasium. During the transition period between two IT managers Wahlgreen IT – in a highly qualified way – stood to keep our IT running!

Troels Vang Andersen
Principal, Christianshavns Gymnasium.

Wahlgreen IT is our advisor when we negotiate collaborations and contracts with service providers for our IT platforms and IT systems. Wahlgreen IT also helps us with solving major and minor technical tasks. Wahlgreen IT has very broad and deep competencies ranging from contractual process to complicated technical, and Niels and his employees are very service oriented, fast on the matter and skilled in their field of work.

We are very pleased with the collaboration and I can encourage to contact Wahlgreen IT if there is a need for a non-binding talk about your IT solutions.

Morten Stig Andersen

In connection with new initiatives in the organization, where we needed help setting up secure mail, we were recommended to Wahlgreen IT, who also proved to be super skilled, careful, and professional. One of the things that we were super happy about was that Wahlgreen IT took a really good time to help us well throughout the course and in a way where we also constantly felt safe and well-informed about what the next step was.

We will definitely return to Wahlgreen IT next time we need help with the kind of tasks that are outside our area of competence.

Simone Kenhof
HR Coordinator and Data Compliance Advisor, Dansk Kvindesamfunds Krisecentre

We can say that we are very pleased with the service provided by Wahlgreen IT. Always quick and competent to solve all kinds of problems.

Svend Falk-Rønne

We hired Wahlgreen IT for a larger server room adjustment, where they all the way has done more than we expected. Before the work started, they were good at informing what was to happen. The people who came out to do the job were super professional, and often did more than we actually talked about, just to help us. And when an agreement with another subcontractor went wrong, they stepped in at day’s notice, making sure everything was going well.

I can at all times recommend Wahlgreen IT if you want a highly professional supplier.

Nicolaj Pedersen

We have been using Wahlgreen IT for over 10 years and have always been incredibly pleased with the service we receive.
They are always easy to get a hold of and problems are solved quickly by their capable people.

We highly recommend Wahlgreen IT as we have only had good experiences with them.

Lars Friderichsen

Best service. The owner Niels Wahlgreen is top service minded and so are his staff. Overall a super good & professional experience.

Ole Christensen

As founder and long-time director of a large Danish IT company and now a customer at Wahlgreen IT with my consulting company, I can say that the employees are competent, fast and friendly.

And I can give the company my warmest recommendation

Claus Erik Christoffersen